Who was Henry Wardlaw?

This month marks the 604th anniversary of the University of St Andrews' foundation. MUSA volunteer, James Fox, tells us about one of the key players involved in this historic occasion. In February 1414, the people of St Andrews celebrated the arrival of the papal bulls which granted the newly established school of higher learning University … Continue reading Who was Henry Wardlaw?


Conserving the Mace of St Salvator’s College

 In 2017, one of the most iconic objects from the University's collections, The Mace of St Salvator's College underwent some conservation work at the University of Glasgow's new studio in Kelvinhall.  Dr Helen Rawson, Co-Director of Museum Collections writes on the conservation process and the surprising discoveries that were revealed!   The Maces of the … Continue reading Conserving the Mace of St Salvator’s College

Why the Lang face?

This November, we're celebrating our furry-faced alumni for Movember. MUSA Volunteer, James Fox, looks at the life, achievements (and moustache!) of the writer, Andrew Lang.   Consider the moustache of Andrew Lang. As the author of some 249 books and articles numbering in the thousands, his distinguished profrusion of facial hair was doubtless the result not of any fashion choice, but … Continue reading Why the Lang face?

In Movember Moustaches Rock!

As Movember is a celebration of fantastic facial hair,  Emily Brown, Visitor Services Facilitator and Geology student writes about Matthew Forster Heddle, celebrated mineralogist, the Chair of Chemistry at St Andrews University from 1862 and have-er of a fascinating two-pronged beard. Born in 1828 on the Isle of Hoy, Orkney and educated in Edinburgh, Heddle’s … Continue reading In Movember Moustaches Rock!

On Growth and Form of a Moustache!

    Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, Chair of Natural History at the University of St Andrews and celebrated Victorian polymath, proudly wore, as many respected Victorian gentleman did, notable facial hair.  In this article, MUSA Visitor Services Facilitator and Geology student Emily Brown looks at the man behind the moustache! In his youth, as the … Continue reading On Growth and Form of a Moustache!

Raisin Weekend as a Fresher

What is it like being a first year going through the infamous Raisin Weekend? MUSA Visitor Services Facilitator and student at St Andrews, Emily Brown, writes about her experiences. I spent my first Raisin Weekend on crutches. I'd sprained both of my ankles in early October (in a fight of stairs vs human, I recommend betting on the stairs) but I wasn't about … Continue reading Raisin Weekend as a Fresher

Raisin Weekend: What’s All the Fuss About?

What exactly does the notorious 'Raisin Weekend' involve? MUSA Senior Visitor Services Facilitator and graduate of St Andrews, Monica Burns, tells you what you can expect to see this Sunday and Monday in St Andrews. The image of students covered in shaving foam is a sight unique to the University of St Andrews. Out of all our traditions, … Continue reading Raisin Weekend: What’s All the Fuss About?