A grand day out at MUSA

Main Building

 St Andrews is home to Scotland’s oldest university (the third most ancient in the English-speaking world). No visit to this beautiful town is complete without exploring the history of the famous institution which has shared its streets for almost 600 years.      

Here, MUSA tells the story of the University’s past and its people. Since its foundation in the 15th century, through the turbulent times of the Reformation and the Civil Wars, to the Age of Enlightenment and the present day, their lives and achievements have helped to shape the modern world. From ceremony and tradition to revolutionary breakthroughs in the sciences, advances in the arts, acts of valour on the battlefield and the struggle for political and religious freedoms, let us join on a journey of discovery and innovation.      

Marvel at the craftsmanship and intricacy of the three medieval silver maces, the symbols of the University’s authority. See a changing selection of the University’s art collections and treasures from the University Library, including rare books and manuscripts. Examine rockpools and archaeological ‘sites’ in our sunken trench cases. And indulge the inquisitive side in a modern interpretation of an 18th century ‘cabinet of curiosities’, part of a gallery illustrating the history of the University’s collections, challenging interpretations of the past and asking ‘What is a Museum?’      

The Viewing Terrace
The Viewing Terrace


  And there’s plenty to do for the whole family! Discover what it was like to be a young student in the Middle Ages. Shoot in the Silver Arrow competition in our unique archery interactive. Find out how the Victorians invented 3D photography and experiment with our kaleidoscopes. And don’t forget the Memory Bank allows visitors to record their own impressions or memories of the University.      

Enjoy dramatic views of St Andrews Bay from the top floor Viewing Terrace. Let the magic ‘Talking Telescope’ tell  sight-stories, learn about the local coastal environment and identify the birds around,or work out the time with the rooftop sundial.


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