First tour of the Store!


This week we had the first tour group visit the store. There were 13 lucky students from the part-time Museum and Galleries Masters course who had a look around and hopefully learnt something about how to design and run a store.

I’ve taken a few photos of ongoing work  in the store. There is still lots of work to be done, but here’s a taster: 

Textile Collection


The textile collection is the area which has progressed the furthest and it’s starting to look really good. I’m so pleased the gowns have been unpacked and we can see all their bright colours. Much of the textile collection suffered in the poor storage conditions before the store was created. Before the conservation heating was fitted, the store area had no heating and this meant that humidity increased to around 70%. This caused some mould growth which was very concerning for the long-term preservation of the objects. The improved storage conditions and workspaces have allowed us to check each item and I am confident that this has given us the opportunity to address any conservation issues. Work will be on-going in this area and I’m even planning a potential student project to start in September. If all goes to plan, not only will you be able to come and see the lovely textiles in the store, but there will also be great photos on our (up-coming) online searchable collections. 

Mountains of tissue paper from the textile boxes
The carved head

This head is part of our Physics Collection which contains many weird and wonderful objects. 

Museum professionals please look away!

Lastly here is a section of the store near the public entrance. In its current state it’s highly embarrassing and looks like a jumble sale. I’ll post some pictures soon, once I’ve got some of the paintings hung and it looks like a happy store.


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