MUSA Collections Centre: Object of the Month!

Dear all!

The last month has been a very exciting and busy time in the MUSA Collections Centre! The museum store has been a hub of activity – more boxes have been unpacked, objects displayed and several artworks have been taken away for conservation. One of our volunteers, Meg Garst, has been working with the costume collection in the store as part of the Museum and Gallery Studies course. One afternoon in the store, we both got very excited when we had a closer look at a very special item from the costume collection! This made the difficult task of selecting just one ‘Object of the Month’, from all the fascinating objects in the museum store, very easy!

The star object in question is a pair of embroidered leather gauntlet gloves that were presented to Sir Henry Wardlaw, 1st Baronet of Pitreavie, Fife, by Charles I (1600-1649).

Gauntlet gloves presented to Sir Henry Wardlaw by Charles I
Full-length view of gauntlet gloves

The gloves are delicately hand-embroidered in silk with images of a castle tower, water fountain and flower petals. They are decorated with minute gilt sequins, pink silk and edged with gold bobbin lace. If you look at the gloves very closely, you can even see tiny little goldfish in the water fountain!      

Embroidered detail of goldfish in a water fountain
Water fountain with grotesque spouts
Castle turret with flag. Who lived here?

Photographs taken by Meg Garst, Museum and Gallery Studies student

What is your favourite detail on the gauntlet gloves? Do you think that the pictures on the gloves tell a story? As always, we would be delighted to hear your thoughts and responses to the MUSA Collections Centre’s Object of the Month!



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