New art display in MUSA

Just like to say thank you to everyone who voted in our recent online vote to decide which paintings should be hung in MUSA. I thought it would be interesting to find out what our visitors wanted to see instead of our normal method of the curator deciding what should hang. I guess in some ways it was asking you to do my job for me!

I was happily surprised by which paintings everyone voted for. The painting which received the most votes was ‘Breakfast’ by Alberto Morrocco (1917 – 1998), which was my favorite too.The artist intended this painting to depict contentment following a meal, but when I look at it I see a certain element of sadness.

Breakfast by Alberto Morrocco (1978)

I was quite surprised that ‘The Giant Crane, Clydeside’ by Albert Gordon Thomas (1893 – 1970) was voted as the second favorite painting. I love this artwork, but mainly for its interesting historical background, which I didn’t provide in the vote. This artwork was collected as part of the Recording Scotland Scheme. The resulting collection consists of 145 landscapes collected during the World War II period. The scheme was funded by the Pilgrim Trust to ‘secure a record of historic scenes, sites and buildings which may be endangered through enemy action or by utilitarian encroachment’. The collection was donated to the University in 1953.

The Giant Crane, Clydeside by Albert Gordon Thomas (1942)

This artwork captures a rarely recorded scene of industrial activity during World War II. The Clydeside area (Glasgow) became a world-famous centre for shipbuilding and received government commissions to build British warships. This caused the area to become a prime target for German bombers and it suffered heavy damage from war time attacks.

With the help of everyone voting, the gallery rehang is now complete and paintings can be seen on display in MUSA. You can see a few photos of the installation in our facebook album.


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