Heads you win!

At MUSA we love rewarding achievement and enthusiam and that’s why we’re all really looking forward to this Friday. Why this Friday? Because we’re giving prizes to over 35 pupils from across Fife for their winning entries to this year’s MUSA Young Artist Award. 

The theme this year was ‘Making Faces’ and we wanted participants to respond to the portraits in MUSA and elsewhere with their artworks.  Over 420 entries dropped onto our mat and choosing winners was a tough job.

Deborah Hart won second prize in Category D for her artwork based on a marble copy of Antonio Canova’s Bust of Laura.  Here’s what Deborah had to say about her entry:

I chose to draw the statue of Laura because she looked like she was a very challenging exhibit to draw. I thought she looked very mysterious and sad, as well as being very beautiful. She stood out because she is 3D.

I am very proud of having won a prize, especially a medal. I am going to spend my voucher on things that will make me a better artist. I am very pleased that my drawing will be appreciated by lots of different people who visit the Young Artists exhibition. It is also good because my whole family can see it on the website! I cannot wait to get my medal and to find out if it will be plastic or metal!

You can see Deborah’s entry with the other winners, as well as some of the collections that inpsired our young artists, at the Gateway Galleries until 31 August as well as on the Young Artist Award website.


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