Storytelling and dance session!

Dear all!

Last week as part of the MUSA Summer Programme, MUSA hosted exciting Hindu-themed storytelling and dance sessions for children and families inspired by beautiful Indian glass paintings from the University’s museum collections! These Indian glass paintings are the MUSA Collections Centre’s ‘Objects of the Month’ for July and you can see what they look like for yourself in the previous blog post! Peter the Storyteller and Sue helped us to find out more and understand the glass paintings by telling us stories about the Hindu deities depicted in the paintings.

Peter and Sue brought along lots of Indian objects and textiles to decorate the Learning Loft for the storytelling and dance sessions. We thought it looked great!
Peter and Sue shared stories about the Hindu deities Shiva, Ganesha, Brahma and Krishna
We also enjoyed performing some traditional Indian dances!
The dance session was great fun!

The Hindu-themed storytelling and dance session demonstrated how museum objects can help us learn about different times, places and cultures. If you are looking for exciting things to do during the summer holidays, check out our MUSA Summer Programme at



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