Guest bloggers wanted for exciting new project

We are looking for three guest bloggers to assist with our upcoming project “MUSA’s Mystery objects”. This winter our curators will be working with experts from the National Museums Scotland to research and catalogue our Historic Scientific Instruments collection. The Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments contains over 500 items illustrating the history of teaching and research in Natural Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy in the University over a period of five centuries.

Every object in a collection has a story, and it is our aim for people to write stories around some of our mystery objects (we call these mystery objects as we currently have no information about what the object is or how it was used).  There’s no need for a background in science, this is a chance to imagine how objects might have been used and invent weird and wonderful histories.

To launch the project we need three bloggers to come for a behind the scenes tour of the store and pick objects to be the focus of people’s writing activities. They will have a chance to handle some of the items in our collection and then we will share their writing with the world. The objects the bloggers pick will become a focus of an exhibition in MUSA.

If you are interested please send me an email ( explaining any previous writing experience you may have. You must be able to visit the stores located in St Andrews next week (week commencing 31st October 2011).


One thought on “Guest bloggers wanted for exciting new project

  1. Thanks to everyone who emailed me about this (I was really surprised about the number of responses we received). We have found three great bloggers and they are coming to pick some objects from the store today. It should be a fun afternoon!

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