Have your say!

Have you ever been to a museum and wished you could have a few choice words with the curator?  Ever thought they’ve missed a trick?  That they’ve done something really boring when they could have done something out of this world?  I know I have.  Maybe you don’t visit museums at all because, quite frankly, you reckon they’re a waste of time with their dull explanations about irrelevant objects.

Well, I’m offering you the chance to tell us exactly what you want from us.  The University has some nationally important collections that are so exciting we want to do them justice by using them in exciting ways – ways that get you excited.  For this reason, I want to hear from you.

You could influence how some of these objects and many others are used.

We’re going to hold a number of events where you can come and tell us what you want to do with these historic and scientific artefacts, what events you’d like to see involving these treasures and how you’d like to see them displayed.  It’s not often you get the opportunity to get involved like this and the things you say will have a direct influence on what we do.

If you’re interested in getting involved drop me an email on mjs42@st-andrews.ac.uk or DM @musa_standrews on twitter.  We’ll be sharing the ideas that come up on twitter, facebook and here on the blog, so you can debate them all you like.

The result should be that you experience these collections in new and thrilling ways.


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