StAnza 2012

Surprisingly, this year will be the first time we work in partnership with StAnza to help celebrate the upcoming poetry festival. As part of Scotland’s International Poetry Festival we are inviting people to contribute alternative labels for objects on display in MUSA. We have picked five items from the collection, which we hope will inspire you to write a short poem. The best entries will be made into labels and displayed next the the object. We haven’t given much background information about the items as we want your imagination to run wild.

  • Poems to be submitted to Amy by email
  • Please can poems be a maximum of six lines so they fit in the display cases.
  • Please write in your email which object you were inspired by

We are really pleased to be part of such an exciting festival and look forward to reading your creative entries. If anyone would like further information about any of the objects to inform their writing please contact me on the email address above. Deadline for submissions is Friday 2nd March.

– Amy Dale (Collections Curator)

Medal of Robert Douglas, Lord Dalkeith 1622

Group of caich balls

Pucara bull

Grangemouth Image by Alan Davie

Cast of the skull of Bishop James Kennedy


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