MUSA for Teenagers

A few weeks back we told you how our Youth Curators were making a video to tell us how to make MUSA more appealing to teenagers.

Well, here’s the finished result. The Youth Curators wrote, directed, filmed and produced the video almost entirely on their own.

They’ve made some really fantastic suggestions and have told us that it would be brilliant to reduce the amount of writing, make things more colourful and try to make some things more eye-catching. They’ve also said that they love the interactivity at MUSA and think that the things that are bright and well laid out are great.

As the Youth Curators know, many of the things they’ve suggested can’t be done easily or quickly at MUSA. BUT their time hasn’t been wasted, their ideas will influence our temporary exhibitions and, when the time is right, will be kept very much in mind when changes to MUSA are made. They’re also being used to help develop a number of other projects that we’re working on (some of them a bit hush, hush, more about them another time), so their ideas are a massive help.

So here’s to our marvellous Youth Curators. I’m looking forward to the display that they’re currently creating, which is on the theme of human ingenuity. It opens at the end of June, just in time for the summer. I can’t wait!


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