Olympic Torch in St Andrews

Standing in St Salvator’s Quad at 6am is not an everyday experience. If I’m honest standing anywhere at 6am is not an everyday experience for me, I much prefer to be tucked up warm and asleep in my bed. However Wednesday was not an everyday, how often is it that you get to watch the Olympic torch being lit and carried around a town as gorgeous as St Andrews?


I was lucky enough to be able to represent MUSA at the torch lighting ceremony. Being greeted in the Quad by a chorus of loud upbeat music you couldn’t fail to get into the energetic spirit of things. I can honestly say that I would never have expected the dulcet tones of the Jackson 5 to reverberate around those historic buildings, especially at twenty past 6 in the morning, but reverberate they did. The quad was swarming with people from all generations and the relay race between the different schools that started off the celebrations really brought them all together.

After speeches it was time to get down to business and both the torch and flame were brought out onto the stage. Chancellor of the University Sir Menzies Campbell lit the torch and off it went carried by Mark Beaumont on a lap of the Quad before heading out onto North Street.


Then for an Olympic style dash over to MUSA where, fuelled by a gallon of coffee, we served a healthy breakfast followed by a talk from our Director about how sport is represented in the museum. It was a first for us to open up at 7am but there was definitely demand as we welcomed over 45 visitors before 9am!


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