Yo ho ho…

… and a bottle o’ rum!*

Harr, Christmas might be just around the corner, but here at the Good Ship MUSA we’re looking forward to something else!  Once the tinsel’s down, the cards are in the recycling and the poop’s swabbed we’re hoisting the mainstay and setting sail for Museum Island ready for the Young Artist Award 2013.

I couldn’t afford a parrot, so I’ve got meself a duck instead

We (that’s meself, Bosun Naomi and First Mate Jean) will be welcoming new crews throughout February and March from schools around Fife to join us in search of TREASURE!  Harr, we’ve heard that some of these children are landlubbers to be sure, but we’ve also been told that they’re mighty intelligent and intelligence is what we need in the quest that awaits us.  For this reason, we’re going to make them into salty old seadogs like us.

Why do we need them?  We were left a series of riddles, you see, leading to hoards hidden on Museum Island and we’re nay good at solving things like this.  If you’ve been to MUSA, have a look and see if you can work out the answer…

Young Artist Award poster

My head is not just in the clouds

It’s far above the moon.

If you find out what my job was

Then  you’ll have your first clue soon.

Well, there’s more riddles that follow and we’ve been scratching our navels (as opposed to our navals) for weeks and still can’t get it.  We’ve sailed the seven seas right enough, but we need crews with wits sharper than Long John Silver’s cutlass to solve this one.  

But we’re not all about the taking, ye knows. While hunting out the hidden cache we’ll make sure our young crews learn how to follow clues, use adjectives, look at treasure to find out what the cultures that made them want to tell us and make fascinating treasures of their own.  Our crews will gain skills that’ll wow the fins off a shark, like embossing and sculpture. I’d keel haul me own mother to learn things like that!

That’s all for now. I’ll be keepin’ ye posted on our adventures. If you do fancy joining us get your teachers to look at the Young Artist Award website.  I hope to see ye aboard the Good Ship MUSA soon.


Cap’n Matt

*We’ll nay be giving our young crews any rum. That’s strictly for the Bosun!


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