Because it’s worth it

Ever had one of those days?

I know I have.  Last Thursday was one of them.  The type of day where the bags under your eyes could hold a month’s worth of shopping, you glance in the mirror and you’ve even less hair than the last time you looked and… is that…?  Yes! Another grey nestling among the few hairs that remain.  It’s not because you’ve been partying too hard. If only!  It’s all down to work.  You’re tired, stressed and still have a list of jobs to do as long as a giant’s arm.

Why do I do it?

Good question. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

But then…

Over lunch I bumped into one of our Youth Curators, a 16 year old who’d been part of a group of teenagers installing an exhibition at MUSA.  He’d just got into university and, amazingly, said that it was his involvement in the Youth Curators that had swung it for him.

The Youth Curators preparing their exhibition last year.

Then, that afternoon, we held the prize-giving for the winners of this year’s MUSA Young Artist Award.  Twenty-five children, aged between two and fourteen, smilingly came to the front to collect their prizes as proud family looked on.  A fantastic event that was followed by an email in my inbox telling me how much one pupil had enjoyed winning and had been inspired, very much against his regular attitude, to work hard in order to win the next competition.

The winners of the MUSA Young Artist Award 2013.

And then I remembered… that’s why I do it.  Because the small differences it can make to people, very occasionally life-changing differences, make it worthwhile.  The bags, the balding, the greyness – it’s all worth it.


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