Launching colour from ‘A Scottish Palette’

As you will perhaps know by now, the creativity of the exhibition continues past its first unveiling. Exhibitions aim to inspire beyond the display, so we have created an exciting programme of activities, talks and workshops to accompany ‘A Scottish Palette.’ Two weeks into the exhibition and we have already run two events.

Paper Boats

Thanks to our wee helpers, ‘A Scottish Palette’ launched paper boats on opening day. We were inspired by the sculptor, George Wyllie, and also explored the exhibition to see if we could draw influence from any other artworks on show.

Gaining inspiration from the paper boat in the gallery.
Inspiration from the paper boat in the gallery.

We then got to work by folding paper to form boats like the style of origami. The process initially required patience and concentration to follow all the steps, but in no time at all everyone learned to make boats for themselves. I was amazed at the output of paper boats from everyone. Not many museums could boast the making of an armada on a Saturday afternoon. Experimentation with vibrant colours, patterns and sizes made them all look brilliant!

Paper boats were decorated with colour and drawings.
Paper boats were decorated with colour and drawings.

Of course we had to test our boats in the water. The sea was a little too choppy to test them at West Sands, but a basin full of water did just the trick. A little game of battle-ships soon took off when we realised we could blow the boats to help them sail. It was no wonder some kids made life-boats to compensate.


Testing the paper boats in water.
Testing the paper boats in water.

Whisky and Watercolour

For the Whisky and Watercolour workshop we tickled our taste buds with a Scottish Palate of whiskies, and stimulated our minds with a Scottish Palette of watercolour painting. Initially just a play on words the combination of watercolour painting and whisky tasting really worked! Thanks to Archie from Luvians Bottle Shop for delivering an excellent whisky tasting. We learnt about the history and background to Scottish whiskies and realised there is an art to whisky making. From blending malts to blending colours, we finished the workshop by creating a final painting. Some participants were even inspired to paint images of whisky barrels and distilleries. Everyone agreed the whisky tasting certainly loosened up their brush work!

 Luvians Whisky TastingWatercolour Painting

 Coming Soon

There are still many more activities to take part in! Learn about the Scottish collections on display from Dr Tom Normand HRSA, or discover the ideas behind ‘The Rock – The Radical Road’ from the artist Alexander Moffat RSA. Feeling a bit creative? Try our ‘Printmaker’s Practice’ class. Or if you have a budding young artist in the family, encourage their talent in our ‘Still Life for Kids’ workshop. Remember to visit the exhibition and get those creative juices flowing.

Keep up with the blog to see how the curators tackle their own creative challenges!


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