A Week in the Life of a Curatorial Trainee

From the University’s IncomparaBubble blog, our Trainee Curator Deirdre Mitchell shares a day in the life.


Deirdre photoBy Deirdre Mitchell, alumna (MA Hons Scottish History 2012), and Curatorial Trainee (Collections)

As a Curatorial Trainee at MUSA I get the chance to work with the 112,000 objects which make up the University of St Andrews’ collection. It’s a large and varied collection which ranges from historic scientific instruments to contemporary Scottish art, with lots in between! My job is just a varied as the collection I work with and can include anything from cleaning objects, moving paintings and keeping object records updated to planning exhibitions and giving gallery tours. It’s a great opportunity to gain a wide range of practical experience and there’s never a dull moment because you never quite know what you’re going to be doing next! Here are just some examples of what I’ve been up to in just one week recently.


One of my main roles is to help with the management of…

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