We’re (still) going green!

This guest blog article comes from Savannah, a student volunteer who has been exploring possibilities for sustainable development at MUSA.

MUSA is going greener, and aiming to be as green as possible in the future. As one of the University’s most GTBSsustainable buildings, we thought it would be a great addition to apply to join the Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS). In applying to GTBS, we will be assessed on all of our current efforts as well as our future plans for sustainability.

I am a second year student at the University of St Andrews studying Sustainable Development, and I am very interested in environmental responsibility of businesses. I applied to this position because I knew it would give me an amazing opportunity to explore the application of sustainability in the real world. As Green Volunteer at MUSA, my role is to assist MUSA in identifying current and possibilities for future sustainable practices. I want to maximize our resources and encourage the welfare of our surrounding environment – and have GTBS slap a big gold star on our efforts. My participation will definitely give me valuable experience for a future in sustainability business consulting.

solar panels
MUSA’s solar panels can be seen from the roof terrace

The Green Tourism Business Scheme is a not-for-profit organization that evaluates businesses based on their level of sustainability (from energy usage to supporting local businesses). More information on Green Tourism can be found at:


What I was not expecting when I started volunteering was that MUSA had already checked off a lot on G
TBS’s “master
sustainability checklist”. To date, MUSA has kept up with ‘green standards’ in many ways for such a small building: photovoltaic solar panels provide energy, a ground source heat pump heats the museum, and LED light bulbs illuminate the museum’s artifacts.

bike rack
We hope to create information sources to guide visitors through the varieties of wildlife and foliage that can be seen from MUSA’s impressive location.

Some say ‘beauty is within’, but we all know that it can be improved on the outside… That’s why we are hoping to plant more flowers on the surrounding grounds. Also, we are hoping to create information sources to guide visitors through the varieties of wildlife and foliage that can be seen from MUSA’s impressive location.

We would like the visitors of the museum to be part of this process by providing us feedback and ideas about how to further improve our sustainability. We also want to improve the ‘green’ information that we provide to our visitors: cycling hire, guides for walking tours, and information about our efforts to be green will shortly be complete and available in the museum.


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