The Cary’s Globe – a StAnza/MUSA collaboration

St Andrews is into full StAnza swing this week with events all across the town in various venues.  Especially for MUSA we are excited to bring you the work of four poets who have been commissioned to write a poetic response to objects from our collections at MUSA this week. They are Helen Lawrenson, Richie McCaffery, Ruth Aylett, Rob A. MacKenzie.  The first is The Cary’s Globe by Helen Lawrenson


Terrestrial globe HC837 sml
Terrestrial Globe made by J. & W. Cary London, 1806

The seas they sailed, the paths

by gulf and strait, by coast and sound,

where Cook had led the Starry Men

to see the planet Venus pass

before the sun –

the further voyages he made,

islands and continents surveyed –

Vancouver mapping in his wake

where all the northern waters run:

every inlet, cove and lake

on paper pieces drawn,

laid on a sphere and trimly bound

in cherry-wood and brass.


You can see more of these responsive poems in the Lines on a Map exhibit at The Byre and find out more about the StAnza Festival by following the link below:



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