Jessica Burdge

Jess (2)

I’m Collections Curator and you can see me here with some communion ware made by Omar Ramsden.







Monica Burns     

Senior Visitor Services Facilitator                                         



Cathy Cruickshank                           

 MUSA Operations Officer                                     


Deirdre Mitchell

Deirdre staff photo

I am this year’s Collections Curatorial Trainee and my role mostly involves assisting with Collections Care and Management. I have also worked with the Learning & Access Trainee, Rebecca, to put together ‘A Scottish Palette’, our contemporary Scottish art exhibition at the Gateway Galleries.




Lucy Portchmouth

Senior Visitor Services Facilitator

Ms Lucy Portchmouth, Senior Visitor Services Facilitator

Rebecca Prentice

Rebecca Prentice

My name’s Rebecca and I’m the Learning & Access Trainee for 2013-14.




Claire Robinson


I’m Collections Curator at the University of St Andrews.





Jo Rodgers

Jo staff photo

I’m Jo, a Senior Visitor Services Facilitator. I’m here to make all of our visitors feel welcome, and to answer any questions you might have about our exhibitions or events.





Matt Sheard


I’m Learning & Access Curator, which means that I try to get people excited about the champion stuff we’ve got at the University and help them gain new skills, knowledge and inspiration from them too.  I enjoy putting on comedy events based on our collections, working with schools and playing the ukulele (not usually at the same time).


One thought on “Blog Authors

  1. I was interested to read the above, and to see the poem extract I wrote about the wand. You might like to have copies of the complete poem to display alongside the artefact. Happy to send you a Word file if interested.

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