Who was Henry Wardlaw?

This month marks the 604th anniversary of the University of St Andrews' foundation. MUSA volunteer, James Fox, tells us about one of the key players involved in this historic occasion. In February 1414, the people of St Andrews celebrated the arrival of the papal bulls which granted the newly established school of higher learning University … Continue reading Who was Henry Wardlaw?


On Growth and Form of a Moustache!

    Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, Chair of Natural History at the University of St Andrews and celebrated Victorian polymath, proudly wore, as many respected Victorian gentleman did, notable facial hair.  In this article, MUSA Visitor Services Facilitator and Geology student Emily Brown looks at the man behind the moustache! In his youth, as the … Continue reading On Growth and Form of a Moustache!

Learning through Material Culture

As well as being displayed in the museum many of the artefacts that belong to the University's Collections of National Significance play an important role in aiding study and research at St Andrews.    MUSA volunteer and undergraduate student Amy Stewart explains why some of the Ancient Cypriot objects from the Bridges Collection are an … Continue reading Learning through Material Culture

Alexander Duff

Alexander Duff, born at Auchnahyle in the parish of Moulin, Perthshire, was the first Church of Scotland missionary to go to India. He studied arts and theology at the University of St Andrews before being ordained in 1829. The foreign mission committee of the Church of Scotland’s general assembly invited Duff to be their first … Continue reading Alexander Duff

One World: Scots-Chinese Poetry

Ellen MacDougall, Visitor Services Facilitator at MUSA shares some aspects of our One World Exhibition as we celebrate Rabbie Burns and all things Scots (and Chinese!) With Burns Night upon us, it’s a time when many Scots revisit the poetry of Scotland’s national bard in celebration of the anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth.  This year … Continue reading One World: Scots-Chinese Poetry

Interacting and engaging: The Bridges Collection at MUSA

This month MUSA is hosting a fantastic new interactive exhibition featuring The Bridges Collection of ancient Cypriot artefacts. Donated to the University of St Andrews by Mrs Bridges in 1994 for use as teaching aids in the School of Classics it comprises a wide range of Bronze Age, Iron Age and Byzantine artefacts including bowls, … Continue reading Interacting and engaging: The Bridges Collection at MUSA

Bell Pettigrew Museum Opens (105 years ago!)

On 14th September in 1911 the Bell Pettigrew museum opened in the Bute building as part of the University’s 500th anniversary celebrations.   The museum displays a collection of 13,500 natural history specimens and includes several species which are now extinct, such as the dodo, moa and St Kilda house-mouse. This collection was started by the Literary … Continue reading Bell Pettigrew Museum Opens (105 years ago!)

Volunteering with Moana

Today's blog has been written especially by Jess Meagher, our Visitor Services Facilitator. Jess writes about her experience volunteering with Moana; kids' activities, symposium and performances. Moana: The Rising of the Sea was a music-dance-drama performance shown at the Byre last week, as part of a collaboration between MUSA, the Byre Theatre, and the University of … Continue reading Volunteering with Moana