Sir William Alexander Craigie: A Man of Many Words

By Glenn Mills The print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was once a constant companion to students, academics and writers across the English-speaking world. The inches-thick tome would rest on the bookshelves of households, libraries and universities across the British Isles, ready to be invoked at times of lexical bewilderment or perhaps to arbitrate … Continue reading Sir William Alexander Craigie: A Man of Many Words


#OnThisDay: The Formalisation of Golf

As part of our On this Day series, volunteer blogger Emily Betz writes about how on this day in 1754, golf was formalised in St Andrews. To a lot of people, St Andrews is synonymous with golf.  Every year tourists from around the globe come to admire the ‘Home of Golf’ and arguably the most … Continue reading #OnThisDay: The Formalisation of Golf

John Napier: A St Andrean Polymath

Our latest #onthisday blog post comes from volunteer blogger, Glenn Mills, who writes about the world-renown mathematician and St Andrews alumnus, John Napier, who died exactly 401 years ago today. On the 4th April 1617, the Scottish mathematician John Napier died in his home at Merchiston Castle. Famous for his invention of logarithms and his improvement of decimal notation, Napier stands as an embodiment of the early modern Scottish intelligentsia. Yet, … Continue reading John Napier: A St Andrean Polymath

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson: First Female Physician in Britain

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was a renowned physician and suffragette who pioneered the presence of women in medicine. She was born in London in 1836 as the second of twelve children where she lived whilst her father tried to become successful as a silversmith. Elizabeth did not particularly enjoy her schooling at the Boarding school for … Continue reading Elizabeth Garrett Anderson: First Female Physician in Britain

New Beginnings!

  As a new cohort of students are preparing to travel to St Andrews this weekend to begin their academic careers we've been reflecting on where it all began!  Six hundred and three years ago this month the University of St Andrews was officially founded.  Here, one of our Visitor Services Facilitators at MUSA, Rebecca … Continue reading New Beginnings!