A Big Thank You to our Volunteers

Across the UK, the 1st-7th June 2018 is Volunteers’ Week. For us in MUSA, it's a time to say thank you for the fantastic contribution our volunteers make to the work we do here. Throughout the year, our student volunteers work at the reception desk, welcoming visitors, conducting hourly checks of the galleries, making craft activities … Continue reading A Big Thank You to our Volunteers


On Soakings

St Andrews is famed for its student traditions. If you're in the town this month, it will be hard not to notice the widespread exam-time festivities called soakings. Volunteer blogger, Olga Loza gives us an account of her own experiences of surviving a soaking! The month of May arrives in a whirl of blossoms, carrying … Continue reading On Soakings

Networks that nurture us: female solidarity in academia

MUSA blogger, Olga Loza, takes a serious look at the realities faced by women in academia, and recounts her experiences of the solidarity and friendship among female colleagues in St Andrews. Please note that in this article there are hyperlinks to external websites that you can follow for more information.  The past century has brought about … Continue reading Networks that nurture us: female solidarity in academia

Raisin Weekend as a Fresher

What is it like being a first year going through the infamous Raisin Weekend? MUSA Visitor Services Facilitator and student at St Andrews, Emily Brown, writes about her experiences. I spent my first Raisin Weekend on crutches. I'd sprained both of my ankles in early October (in a fight of stairs vs human, I recommend betting on the stairs) but I wasn't about … Continue reading Raisin Weekend as a Fresher

Raisin Weekend: What’s All the Fuss About?

What exactly does the notorious 'Raisin Weekend' involve? MUSA Senior Visitor Services Facilitator and graduate of St Andrews, Monica Burns, tells you what you can expect to see this Sunday and Monday in St Andrews. The image of students covered in shaving foam is a sight unique to the University of St Andrews. Out of all our traditions, … Continue reading Raisin Weekend: What’s All the Fuss About?

Make memories, but remember to relax along the way!

By the middle of Freshers' Week you might be feeling a bit tired out!  There's a lot to take in and as Lily Ratcliff, final year student and Visitor Services Facilitator at MUSA writes below - it's good to take a step back, relax and enjoy it!   With this being my final year as … Continue reading Make memories, but remember to relax along the way!

What about the Postgrads?!

Every year a huge cohort of Postgraduate Students arrive in St Andrews for the start of Semester.  Freshers' Week is also a time for them to meet each other and find out about all that the University has to offer.  Here, Visitor Services Facilitator at MUSA and post graduate student, Laura Scobie shares her experiences … Continue reading What about the Postgrads?!

Clan Warfare at Freshers’ Week!

Moving into Halls of Residence can be a bit daunting but a sense of community quickly builds and each residence will have their own welcome events.  As James Fox, student volunteer at MUSA writes below - it can also become competitive!   I began my Freshers’ week by moving into John Burnet Hall. As the … Continue reading Clan Warfare at Freshers’ Week!

Making the Most of Freshers’ Week!

It's not just 1st years who look forward to Freshers' Week - for returning students it's a time to catch up with friends who have been away for the summer and to take part in some of the Orientation activities that they didn't get around to when they were Freshers themselves!  Here MUSA Volunteer, Ellen … Continue reading Making the Most of Freshers’ Week!