Watch your step: the curse of the ‘PH’

Set against a backdrop of cathedral ruins, picturesque beaches, and the world’s oldest golf course, it is immediately apparent that studying at the University of St Andrews is nothing short of unique. Among the many features that set the University apart are its student traditions, a handful of which date back to its early history. … Continue reading Watch your step: the curse of the ‘PH’


On Soakings

St Andrews is famed for its student traditions. If you're in the town this month, it will be hard not to notice the widespread exam-time festivities called soakings. Volunteer blogger, Olga Loza gives us an account of her own experiences of surviving a soaking! The month of May arrives in a whirl of blossoms, carrying … Continue reading On Soakings

St Andrews and the Blackstone

Between May Dip and post-exam soakings, the month of May is lively with student traditions. MUSA volunteer blogger, Selena Putri, tells us about an examination tradition that has (mercifully!) died out since St Andrews’ foundation. Please note that this article has hyperlinks embedded that you can follow for more information. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s … Continue reading St Andrews and the Blackstone