Making the Most of Freshers’ Week!

It's not just 1st years who look forward to Freshers' Week - for returning students it's a time to catch up with friends who have been away for the summer and to take part in some of the Orientation activities that they didn't get around to when they were Freshers themselves!  Here MUSA Volunteer, Ellen … Continue reading Making the Most of Freshers’ Week!

Take Your Time!

Starting Uni can be a daunting time and the packed programme of Orientation Events and Freshers activities can at times be a little overwhelming!  Here, final year student and MUSA Visitor Services Facilitator Emily Brown shares her experiences and gives a some helpful advice to keep in mind:   I remember putting a lot of … Continue reading Take Your Time!

The Social Whirl of Freshers’ Week!

Many new students arriving wonder what to expect from Fresher's Week or (Orientation Week as it's more formally known).  Here 4th Year student Naomi Flett reflects on her preparations for starting at St Andrews and offers some timely advice for new students starting this week!   The summer before I first came to St Andrews, … Continue reading The Social Whirl of Freshers’ Week!

Summer Internship at MUSA

Working at MUSA as part of the St Andrews Internship scheme has been one of the highlights of my summer. From day one I was made to feel like part of the team. All the staff and volunteers are so friendly and welcoming and I immediately felt valued, was given responsibility and asked for my opinion- I wasn’t just a trainee. The team at MUSA is … Continue reading Summer Internship at MUSA

Being Fresh in St. Andrews

As many students arrive in St Andrews this weekend from all over the world, being an international student can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time!  Here, 3rd year student and MUSA Volunteer Natasha Sivanandan shares her experience of Freshers Week as an international student:   The first time visiting St. Andrews is … Continue reading Being Fresh in St. Andrews

Traditions: The Pier Walk and May Dip

The University of St Andrews has many traditions which are still upheld by our students today.  This morning hundreds of students plunged into the sea at the East Sands as St Andrews mythology has it that this will bring them good luck in their forthcoming exams!  Another well recognised tradition is the annual walk on … Continue reading Traditions: The Pier Walk and May Dip

Make a Difference: Volunteer at MUSA!

Madeline DeFilippis is a first-year student at the University studying Modern History and French. She came to MUSA in the second semester of this year looking to learn more about the museum and its outreach. Here she reflects on her time at MUSA and explains why it is such a rewarding experience. The fact that … Continue reading Make a Difference: Volunteer at MUSA!

A Year in the Life: Museum Collections Traineeship at the University of St Andrews

  Each year,  The Museum Collections Unit recruits two trainees from the Museum and Galleries Studies programme at the University of St Andrews.  The successful candidates are trained in either Collections management or Learning and Access aspects of Museums. Our Curatorial Trainee (Collections), Morna, is halfway through her one year contract. She reflects here on … Continue reading A Year in the Life: Museum Collections Traineeship at the University of St Andrews

Alexander Duff

Alexander Duff, born at Auchnahyle in the parish of Moulin, Perthshire, was the first Church of Scotland missionary to go to India. He studied arts and theology at the University of St Andrews before being ordained in 1829. The foreign mission committee of the Church of Scotland’s general assembly invited Duff to be their first … Continue reading Alexander Duff