Optics and Illusions

    Did you know that the kaleidoscope was invented by a St Andrews Principal? Sir David Brewster was a physicist, mathematician, astronomer, writer and historian, who invented the popular toy by accident while carrying out pioneering studies into the science of optics. An Introduction to Brewster       David Brewster was born in Jedburgh, Scottish … Continue reading Optics and Illusions


A MUSA Volunteer reflects on new exhibition One World: Cultures Across Continents

This blog article comes from Morvern French, a PhD student in the school of History who has been volunteering since June.  The new exhibition at MUSA, One World: Exploring Cultures Across Continents (until 30 October 2016), showcases a fascinating selection of artefacts in the museum's collection that have been brought to St Andrews from all … Continue reading A MUSA Volunteer reflects on new exhibition One World: Cultures Across Continents

Objects Unpacked: St Andrews and the Empire

This blog article is a small excerpt from the Objects Unpacked talk at the MUSA Collections Centre on 2nd September I’m Jo, Operations Officer at the Museum Collections Unit. A bit about me – I received my Masters in Modern History in December last year, specialising in Scottish History in the 18th and 19th centuries. I’ve … Continue reading Objects Unpacked: St Andrews and the Empire

Life at the University in the Seventeenth Century

This blog article is contributed by Meredith Crosbie, a PhD student who has volunteered at MUSA since June. She was inspired to write this article by the Silver Archery Medals in Gallery 2 at MUSA. ‘The name’s Graham. James Graham.’ At least that’s how I’d like to think the future Marquis of Montrose introduced himself while … Continue reading Life at the University in the Seventeenth Century

Volunteering with Moana

Today's blog has been written especially by Jess Meagher, our Visitor Services Facilitator. Jess writes about her experience volunteering with Moana; kids' activities, symposium and performances. Moana: The Rising of the Sea was a music-dance-drama performance shown at the Byre last week, as part of a collaboration between MUSA, the Byre Theatre, and the University of … Continue reading Volunteering with Moana

37 prizes and 8000 cotton buds!

It's over once again. After the months of preparation, weeks of admin, exhausting hours of energetic schools sessions and the all-too short minutes of seeing (mostly) happy children receive their prizes, the MUSA Young Artist Award is over for another year. Last night we gave 37 prizes to 37 children whose artworks were selected from the 903 sent … Continue reading 37 prizes and 8000 cotton buds!

Volunteering @ MUSA: Hannah’s experience

This blog articles comes from Hannah Sycamore, a final year student who volunteers at Learning and Access events at MUSA. I began volunteering in September 2014 and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I volunteer primarily with the Learning and Access Team, facilitating and (every once in a while) running the child and adult activities. I … Continue reading Volunteering @ MUSA: Hannah’s experience

Volunteers’ Week @ MUSA: Caitlin’s experience

This blog article comes from Caitlin Price, a student of Medieval History and Archaeology who recently joined the volunteer team at MUSA.  I’ve luckily arrived at MUSA at an exciting time, with the arrival of the new Recording Britain Exhibition. Within a few weeks of arriving I attended the opening of the exhibition and saw the … Continue reading Volunteers’ Week @ MUSA: Caitlin’s experience

Volunteers’ Week @ MUSA: Sarah’s experience

This blog article comes from Sarah Gowanlock, a final-year Medieval History and Social Anthropology student who joined MUSA in September and quickly became fully involved in the volunteer programme. Sarah was recently invited to join the staff team at MUSA and here she looks back over her many experiences at the museum as a volunteer. … Continue reading Volunteers’ Week @ MUSA: Sarah’s experience